The Paperless Clinical: Time to Query Resolution


As part of Target Health’s contribution to the adoption, implementation and feasibility of the paperless clinical trial, our position is that “it is all about the data.“


The following table analyzes the time from the generation of a manual query to the time of its resolution when data are entered in “real time“ and monitored in “real time“ in a paperless clinical trial. This Phase 3 paperless clinical trial used Target eCTR (eClinical Trial Record) as eSource fully integrated with Target e*CRF (EDC) and Risk-based (adaptive) Monitoring. While it may have taken 30 days to resolve all queries, 15% of queries were resolved on the day of issue, 77% within 5 days and 93% within 10 days. Congratulations to our monitors for this spectacular metric.


Time to Query Resolution


Days                N = 883            Frequency (%)

0                      130                              14.7

1-5                   548                              76.8

6-10                 145                              93.2

11-20               55                                99.4

21-30               5                                  100.0


For more information about Target Health contact Warren Pearlson ( 212-681-2100  ext. 104). For additional information about software tools for paperless clinical trials, please also feel free to contact Dr. Jules T. Mitchel or Ms. Joyce Hays. The Target Health software tools are designed to partner with both CROs and Sponsors. Please visit the Target Health Website at


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