Glen Park Selected as Review Editor of Frontiers in Pharmaceutical Medicine and Outcomes Research



We are pleased to announce that in addition to  Sr. Director of Clinical Research and Regulatory Affairs at Target Health Inc.,  Dr. Glen Park, has accepted the position and the challenge to serve as Review Editor of Frontiers in Pharmaceutical Medicine and Outcomes Research. Frontiers aims to change the world of academic research publishing to ensure high quality peer-reviewing, equal opportunity to publish and read, drive integration across disciplines, provide a spectrum of services for researchers and research-related organizations, and systematically translate advanced research knowledge to increase public understanding. The Frontiers vision is a comprehensive full-service system for all entities concerned with academic research.


The “Frontiers in” journal series operates as open access journals and, therefore, adopts the standard open access business model where authors pay the Article Publishing Fees (APF) to allow anyone to read their article for free (author-pay/reader-free). Frontiers has successfully pioneered its equal-opportunity publishing model in the field of Neuroscience and now aims to offer this model to fields across all of academia. The vision of Frontiers is to build the complete Tree of Academia and create a single platform for integration across fields.


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