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James Farley Photographs Supermoon Over Winston-Salem, NC.


There will be no ON TARGET next week as we are taking off for the Thanksgiving holiday. Our best to all of our readers.  We now have over 6,000 current subscribers to ON TARGET. From time to time we receive newsworthy events and/or photos from our loyal readers.


A Supermoon happens when a Full Moon or New Moon coincides with the Moon’s closest approach to Earth; also called perigee. A Super Full Moon looks around 12% to 14% bigger than its counterpart, the Micromoon. The Supermoon on November 14, 2016, was the closest a Full Moon has been to Earth since January 26, 1948. The next time a Full Moon is even closer to Earth will be on November 25, 2034.


Our friend and colleague James Farley, photographer extraordinaire, took Supermoon photos in Winston-Salem, NC, which were featured by Lanie Pope on WXII 12 Winston-Salem!



Supemoon over the R J Reynolds building, Winston, NC. ©jfarley Photography.


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