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We are “putting our money where our mouth is.“ We are doing it, not just talking about it. Next month, we are submitting a PMA that used Target e*CTR®, our eSource solution fully integrated with Target e*CRF®, and a NDA is planned for 2015. And yes, both programs used risk-based monitoring (RBM).


As we are now starting our 20th study using our eSource solution full integrated with Target e*CRF, we would like to share some additional metrics from one of our ongoing studies. Please look at publications on our website ( for even more support to our approach to the paperless clinical trial and how Target e*CTR® (eClinical Trial Record) fully integrated with Target e*CRF® is revolutionizing clinical research.


  1. Approximately 94% of the data have been entered into Target e*CRF on the day of the subject’s visit.


  1. Of the 26,000 forms entered to date, source document verification (SDV) and/or source document review (SDR) was performed for 7,700 forms (30%).


  1. Of the 7,700 forms, 133 (1.7%) of the queried forms were modified.


  1. Interestingly, of those 133 forms, 102 occurred at just one site, and within that site, 99 involved changes to time points that have absolutely no impact either on subject safety or efficacy


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