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The Industry-Physician Relationship

Like the patient-physician relationship, the industry-physician relationship is complex, important, and subject to conflicts.  Efforts to regulate, monitor, and ultimately manage this relationship are very much evident in both government health care reform initiatives and evolving professional codes of conduct. An editorial, published in The New York Times (1 May 2010), criticizes a new effort by the Council of Medical Specialty Societies to establish a code of conduct regulating the interactions between its members and industry. While the Council takes a collaborative approach, attempting to assure that industry funding does not compromise professional independence and establishing guidelines intended to assure the independence of industry supported CME (Continuing Medical Education), the Times seems to favor “divorce.“ The recently passed health care law takes a slightly different tack on provider-industry relations, focusing on transparency through mandated disclosure of any support provided by companies to physicians and teaching hospitals. The disclosed support would then be made available to the broad public by HHS. Target Health continues to monitor this debate closely. While not directly involved in support of providers or hospitals, we do care about preserving an environment where our clients, the companies that discover and develop new medicines and devices, have access to critical experts and expertise. It is in the public interest that innovator companies be able to access the best Academic Centers, Medical Societies, individual practitioners, and public agencies that have valuable, even critical insights to offer innovative companies. The public interest is best served by striking the proper balance, managing conflicts of interest while defining and encouraging constructive dialogue and productive interaction.  By Mark L. Horn, MD, MPH – Chief Medical Officer, Target Health Inc.


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