Company: Affymetrix
Revenues: $327.1 million

Innovation: A pioneer in commercializing DNA microarrays, which allow for large-scale analysis of genetic samples, the company has made acquisitions that will let it analyze proteins and other biomarkers.

Company: Amgen
Revenues: $14.6 billion

Innovation: Its drug for colorectal cancer comes with a recommendation that patients be genetically screened to see if they would benefit from it.

Company: AstraZeneca
Revenues: $32.8 billion

Innovation: Has moved aggressively into personalized therapeutics; its drug olaparib is now being tested in cancer patients with specific genetic mutations.

Company: Celera Genomics
Revenues: $138.7 million

Innovation: Is trying to broaden the reach of personalized medicine into cardiac health.

Company: Celldex Therapeutics
Revenues: $7.5 million

Innovation: Is developing technology for protein analysis, which is critical for translating genetic data into therapeutically valuable knowledge.

Company: GlaxoSmithKline
Revenues: $45.8 billion

Innovation: Tackling the diseases of aging

Company: Helicos Biosciences
Revenues: $0.8 million

Innovation: Has set its sights on developing technology that can sequence a human genome in a day, at a cost of $1,000.

Company: Life Technologies
Revenues: $3.3 billion

Innovation: Created from the merger of Applied Biosystems and Invitrogen in 2008. Applied Biosystems’ machines were instrumental in completing the Human Genome Project; it is now developing a range of next-generation sequencing instruments.

Company: Medtronic
Revenues: $14.6 billion

Innovation: Stimulating the brain

Company: Roche
Revenues: $47.9 billion

Innovation: It acquired 454 Life Sciences, which develops DNA sequencing machines, including a desktop sequencer suitable for rapid sequencing of small genomes or portions of a human genome.


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