The scientists at GE Global Research have made it a tradition each year to showcase the latest and greatest technology developments during the holiday season. Last year, the team flipped the switch on the first-ever OLED Christmas tree using GE’s bendable, paper-thin lights. This year they figured out a way to top it – and stay on Santa’s good list – by dreaming up a futuristic new sleigh featuring 10 real Global Research technologies that reached key milestones in 2009. “After all, we do have cool technology that could make Santa’s life a lot easier,” writes physical chemist Anil Duggal on GE’s research blog. Just click on the 3-D sleigh to get details on the new features – from lightweight carbon fiber composites for the frame, to icephobic coatings, to a wireless medical sensor for Santa to make sure he’s still his jolly old self at 30,000 feet!


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