Dr. Mehmet Oz On Lap Band Surgery:

FDA Says You Could Be Eligible



The Dr. Oz Show, April 2011 —  Dr. Oz, “Lap Band Surgery; Is Weight Loss Surgery for You?”
Once only for the morbidly obese, people only 30-pounds overweight may now be eligible for gastric-band surgery. The FDA says you could be eligible for lap band surgery if you are 30 pounds over weight. This could help 25 million people help shed the pounds and keep them off. Comments from: Dr. Shawn Garber, Dr. Louis Aronne, Dr. Diana Zuckerman.

Doctor Oz asks,  “Are You A Candidate For Weight Loss Surgery?”



Normally for patients to be eligible for gastric band surgery you had to be morbidly obese with a body mass index of 40 or more. The FDA has broadened the approval to include people with a BMI of 3o as long as they have at least one health related condition such as diabetes or high blood pressure. Kathy weighs 200 pounds and her problem is that she has battled with her weight all her life, lose 10-20 pounds and then gain it all back. She now has high blood pressure and considering weight loss surgery, and does not not want to wait until she is morbidly obese to have lap band surgery.

Dr. Oz Is Gastric Band Surgery The Right Surgery For Me?

Is gastric band surgery the most effective way to lose weight? Dr. Oz had two women ask this question today, is the lap band the right thing -Vanessa weighs 193 pounds whose said she has tried every diet out there and nothing seems to work.

Gastric-band surgery was once only for the morbidly obese. Now, new rules say people only 30-pounds over weight may be eligible for this procedure.

Dr. Oz asks his guests, “How does a Lap-Band work?”

A Lap-Band on your stomach reduces the room for food so that you feel full after eating very small amounts. If you eat too much, especially too much of certain kinds of food, you will feel nauseous or will vomit. Unfortunately, these are factors that will help you lose weight.

Dr. Zuckerman testified before the FDA that the lap band requirements should not be be lowered.

Dr. Oz asked Dr. Louis Aronne “Why would someone 30 pounds over weight may be a candidate for lap band surgery?

Dr. Louis Aronne says “we will be catching people in a good spot where there is a lot of risk. The FDA has approved lap band surgery for people with diabetes, sleep apnea, heart disease, people who are already sick and if they lose weight with this and the evidence is that they will lose 40 pounds, that’s very good weight loss, not only will that problem get better about three quarters of the people in the study diabetes goes away, but the other problems will also get better.”

Dr. Louis Aronne went to say “why wait until someone is morbidly obese and gets really sick, we are waiting too long to treat obesity. Evidence from places like Columbia is that the more weight you gain the harder it is to control your weight, you’ve got to intervene sooner.”

FDA Guidelines For Lap Band Surgery



BMI over 40
For the average 5’4″ women 233 pounds
Someone who is 204 pounds with one of the following-hypertension, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, sleep apnea.

New FDA Lap Band Surgery Guidelines


175 pounds-30 pounds over weight with one of these complications-hypertension, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, sleep apnea.

Dr. Diana Zuckerman argues that people with only 30 pounds or even 50 pounds should not be eligible for lap band surgery. She agrees that it is a great idea to lose the weight sooner but the problem is that the science just isn’t there.

Dr. Zuckerman told the FDA ” They studied 145 people for about a year and that included about 14 men, they have very little information, there are complications and many insurance companies will only pay for one bariatric surgeries. If a patient gets a lap band and hates it because they feel nauseous all the time, or don’t like not being able to have meals with their family, or it’s starts deteriorating in their body body they have a real problem their insurance company can say too bad.”

Dr. Oz’s biggest concern is how sustainably effective is lap band surgery and asks Dr. Aronne what is the long term success of weight loss surgery.

Dr. Aronne said “What was presented at the FDA hearings was 2 year evidence that people were able to maintain a twenty percent weight loss, if you were 200 pounds you would lose about 40 pounds. About 600,000 people around the world have had lap band surgery and on average the long term evidence is exactly the same. There is somewhere between 17 and 20 percent weight loss and maintain this over 6 years. The evidence is showing that people who are heavier have more difficulty with the lap band, it’s easier when your in the lower weight ranges. ”

“This is not the cure, it is something that helps you to stick to a diet, so if you think you are going to go into this and this is the miracle cure and you can eat whatever you want, that is not going to work. Dr. Oz & Dr. Shawn Garber



Dr. Garber Bariatric Surgeon has performed over 200 lap band procedures and joined Dr. Oz on stage. Oz threw the question at him “What do you have to say to someone who can’t get rid of those last 30 pounds and who thinks the lap band is a solution?”

New York Bariatric Group: “We try to offer advice on diets, exercise, and offer information on weight loss surgeries beyond what you might find on the more formal sections of our site…Dr. Shawn Garber’s Blog

Dr. Garber Said “I think now more than ever the lap band is a great option for patients, it is minimally invasive we go in through the belly button, virtually scarless, no scars, more than ever it’s a great procedure for the patients. The data from FDA study for the lower BMI showed 85 percent of patients were successful with the lap band as apposed to regular diets, non surgical diets which has an over 85 percent failure rate. Were giving them something that is a great option and to remember bariatric surgery is a tool not a cure.”

Doctor Oz asks his guests, “What Are The Complications Of Lap Band Surgery?”

Complaints Of Heartburn
Acid Reflux
Vomiting If They Eat Too Much
Don’t Chew Their Food
Eat Too Fast
Difficulty Swallowing

Dr. Garber some of these complications can be fixed with an office visit by adjusting the bad, if the bad is too tight it will cause heartburn or vomiting. So just by adjusting the bad these symptoms can be alleviated or by medications.

More serious complications from lap band surgery is that the band can erode through the stomach wall. Dr. Garber said in over his 2000 surgeries he has never seen a band erode through the stomach wall. There is a 1 percent chance the band could slip on the stomach out of position which is very easy to fix, to take a band out is a very simple 15 minute operation. It takes 20 to 30 minutes to put a lap band in, it is easier to take a lap band out than it is to put it in.

Dr. Oz asked Vanessa and Kathy what conclusion they have come too after hearing what Dr. Shawn Garber, Dr. Aronne, Dr. Zuckerman had to say about lap band surgery and Vanessa says the benefits of weight loss surgery out weighs the risks, Kathy feels the same way.



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