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Dear Bloggers,  We’re in Camden, Maine for the annual PopTech conference we go to each year.  Below, are some photos of Camden, which looks exactly the same each year.  Will post articles on the Blog from Maine, and be back at Target Health Inc. next week.

Joyce Hays


Camden, ME


Downtown Camden consists primarily of two main streets, both lined with stores, boutiques, cafes and restaurants.


Camden, ME – The harbor is home to numerous sailboats (plus a few schooners) that take guests on excursions around the harbor. The annual Windjammer Weekend in September claims to be the largest gathering of windjammers in the world.

(Photos by T.S. Amarasiriwardena/ staff)


Camden, ME – Just to the north of Camden, Camden Hills State Park is well worth a stop. Take the auto road to the top of the hill and you’ll be rewarded with a spectacular view of the town, harbor, and the surrounding forests, including the distant peaks of Acadia National Park.

(Photos by T.S. Amarasiriwardena/ staff)


Hartford, ME


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