Men & Women NOT Needed for First Step in Making Babies

20091030-5,, October 29, 2009, by Celeste M Ball  —  Scientists at Stanford University in California have found a way to take out the first step in making babies –by creating sperm and eggs from embryonic stem cells.

Researchers used stem cells taken from embryos in the first days of life… and hope to soon be able to repeat the process by using pieces of skin.

The science paves the way for men and women with fertility issues to have their own biological children.

The breakthrough raises a number of moral ethical questions -including the possibility of children being born through entirely artificial means.

The sperm had heads and short tails and are thought to have been mature enough to fertilize an egg.

The eggs were at a much earlier stage but were still much more developed than any created so far by other scientists.

The science also raises the possibility of ‘male eggs’ made from men’s skin and ‘female sperm’ from women’s skin.

Critics argue that it is wrong to tamper with the building blocks of life.

They also fear the advances would distort relations between family members.


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