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Although we’re on vacation now, when our friend and colleague, James Farley, vTv Therapeutics LLC’s Director of Data Management and Programming, sent these spectacular eclipse photos, we had to interrupt our R&R to share James’ extraordinary photos with you, our readers.

James took a PTO day last Monday and drove his whole family to Burgess Falls State Nature Area, Sparta, Tennessee! They had clear skies there and were almost in the center of the Path of Totality. James says it was the most thrilling, epic experience! The following spectacular photos are the Totality, Diamond Ring Effect and an Eclipse Composite of the full progression.


Solar Eclipse 2017 – Eclipse Progression Composite

Copyright 2017 Advanced Fine Art.


Solar Eclipse 2017 – Totality

Copyright 2017 Advanced Fine Art.


Solar Eclipse 2017 – Diamond Ring Effect

Copyright 2017 Advanced Fine Art.


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