LUCAS is designed to provide consistent and uninterrupted chest compressions according to recommendations in the American Heart Association’s 2005 Guidelines, helps reduce hands-off intervals in treating patients, enables high quality compressions due to a consistent source of air, and allows defibrillation while patients are receiving mechanical chest compressions. LUCAS is easy to use, maintain and carry to the patient, and offers the following additional advantages:

  • Enables hands-free compressions, allowing responders to provide other lifesaving therapies such as ventilations, medication and defibrillation, and to think ahead in planning the patient’s care
  • Provides sustained, effective circulation during patient transport in both out-of-hospital and in-hospital situations
  • Makes effective CPR possible from the field to the hospital and reduces the impact of extenuating circumstances on the interruption and quality of chest compressions, such as transport conditions, rescuer fatigue and rescuer experience level
  • Enhances the safety of both the patient and care provider by securing the patient’s arms before transport and enabling rescuers to sit, wearing seatbelts during transport, rather than standing to provide compressions in a moving vehicle

The LUCAS Chest Compression System has been available in Europe via a distribution partnership with Physio-Control since November 2004. There are currently more than one thousand units (European version) in use in Sweden and other Nordic countries, the UK and Holland, and other geographies are obtaining regulatory approvals as well.


JOLIFE announces an extended distribution Contract with Physio-Control and the availability of the LUCAS™ Chest Compression System in the US

October 9, 2007, Lund, Sweden

JOLIFE AB announces the extension of the distribution contract with Physio-Control Inc., which entails the rights to global distribution of the LUCAS Chest Compression System. The LUCAS Chest Compression System, which is developed and manufactured by JOLIFE, is currently being launched in the United States, the world’s largest market for medical devices. Physio-Control Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Medtronic Inc., is a world-leading manufacturer and distributor of defibrillators for the treatment of cardiac arrest.

Says Erik von Schenck, Chief Executive Officer of JOLIFE: “We are very pleased to continue to cooperate with Physio-Control, and with the current launch in the US. LUCAS complements Physio-Control’s product portfolio perfectly. We are excited to continue the global expansion of the LUCAS Chest Compression System and specifically to have access to a strong and knowledgeable sales force for the launch in the US.”

The new contract gives Physio-Control the exclusive global distribution rights to LUCAS, with the exception of the Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish markets. JOLIFE has decided to take back sales responsibility in these markets to ensure closer contact with end-customers.

For Physio-Control’s press release – read more in Medtronic’s Newsroom on their website or click the link (


The LUCAS™ Chest Compression System assists ambulance and hospital professionals in saving cardiac arrest victims by providing continuous compressions, which helps sustain blood flow to the brain and heart. The AHA/ERC guidelines from 2005 emphasize uninterrupted chest compressions before defibrillation. LUCAS provides chest compressions without rescuer fatigue or variations in quality. The device enables safe transportation and allows for simultaneous defibrillation and angioplasty.


JOLIFE is dedicated to increasing the survival rates related to sudden cardiac arrest and the quality of life of the survivors by developing innovative devices for resuscitation. Founded in 2000, the company works closely with leading physicians and paramedics in research and development. The work has led to groundbreaking knowledge about the physiological effects of a cardiac arrest and the significance of quality compressions. The LUCAS Chest Compression System is available for sale in the US, Europe and several other geographies. JOLIFE is based in Sweden, and markets its products through an exclusive distributor agreement. For more information, please visit and or contact: Erik von Schenck, CEO, Jolife AB +46 733 14 74 71