The LUCAS Chest Compression System, is designed to provide consistent and uninterrupted chest 1) ___ according to recommendations in the AHA’s 2005 Guidelines. The device also helps to reduce hands-off intervals in treating patients, enables high quality compressions due to a consistent source of air, and allows defibrillation while patients are receiving mechanical chest compressions. LUCAS runs on high-pressure 2) ___ supplied either by a compressed air tank or the air wall outlet in a hospital. Designed for both out-of-hospital and in-hospital use, LUCAS is indicated for treatment of adult patients who have acute 3) ___ arrest, defined as absence of spontaneous breathing and pulse, as well as loss of consciousness. The LUCAS Chest Compression System assists 4) ___ and hospital professionals in saving cardiac arrest victims by providing continuous compressions, which helps sustain blood flow to the brain and heart. The AHA/ERC guidelines from 2005 emphasize uninterrupted chest compressions before 5) ___. LUCAS provides chest compressions without rescuer 6) ___ or variations in quality. The device enables safe transportation and allows for simultaneous defibrillation and 7) ___. JOLIFE, a subsidiary of Medtronic Inc., is dedicated to increasing the survival rates related to sudden cardiac arrest and the quality of life of the survivors by developing innovative devices for 8) ___. Founded in 2000, the company works closely with leading physicians and 9) ___ in research and development. The work has led to groundbreaking knowledge about the 10) ___ effects of a cardiac arrest and the significance of quality compressions.

ANSWERS: 1) compressions; 2) air; 3) circulatory; 4) ambulance; 5) defibrillation; 6) fatigue; 7) angioplasty; 8) resuscitation; 9) paramedics; 10) physiological

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