From International Herald Tribune:

Greenpeace’s latest ranking of mobile phone and computer manufacturers came out this week and the results were quite surprising. image003.jpgCompanies were scored based on their take back and recycling policies for their products, and on whether they have moved to manufacturing with less toxic materials. Greenpeace says that as much as 4,000 tons of e-waste are discarded an hour, things like keyboards and computer circuitry.

Lenovo, the Chinese computer giant, moved up to first place – though its homeland is not known for being eco-conscious. Apple, a hip company from green California, ranked dead last – as it has in the past. Lenovo takes back and recycles its products in every country where it sells; Apple “performs poorly” in these areas, the report said. Lenovo has committed to phasing out the potentially harmful substances polyvinal chlorides (PVCs) and brominated flame retardants and has a time line for their removal; Apple does not. Dell and Nokia also ranked well.

With computers and cell phones needing replacement every few years, disposal of obsolete models is a growing environmental problem. How do you get rid of your old computers? Will you consider manufacturers’ recycling options and policies when you make your next purchase?