Tesla Model S Pics Officially Gorgeous

March 30, 2009 |: Tesla Motors


Tesla has always said that they wanted to bring the beauty, power, styling and environmental footprint of the Tesla Roadster to sub-100k sedan. They’ve been planning the Tesla Model-S for ages, and while we were supposed to have to wait for a few more hours to see the first pictures of this beauty, they’ve officially been leaked.

The Model S will (if Tesla is able to get it’s finances together and make them) be an all-electric vehicle with a more than 100-mile range. While Tesla’s Roadster is meant to be impractical (just like all two-seater sports cars) the Model-S reaches out to the luxury segment. The car will have to be comfortable, practical and beautiful to make it with luxury buyers.

We can, at least, announce that it has that last category wrapped up. I imagine most will agree that this car is freaking beautiful.

LOS ANGELES — Photos of Tesla Motors’ much-anticipated Model S sedan have leaked just hours before company CEO Elon Musk was to reveal the car at an invitation-only event in Los Angeles.

The Model S is a landmark for both Tesla and EVs. Tesla’s two-seat Roadster sports car has shown electric cars can be sexy, but it has enjoyed limited appeal. A sedan could prove the Silicon Valley firm is more than a niche player, help push EVs into the mainstream and give Tesla a strong position in the emerging electric car market.

“In the EV community, Tesla is tops,” said Paul Scott, a founder and board member of Plug In America. “But it’s seen as a company making toys for the rich. Now they’re going into the market where Lexus and Infiniti play. This will spread the word about electric vehicles to a much wider audience.”

Photo: Flickr / KevinRose


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